The 11th International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge

The impact we make: The contributions of learning analytics to learning

April 11-15, 2021, Newport Beach, California, USA


About LAK21

The International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge  is the premier research forum in the field, providing common ground for all stakeholders in the design of analytics systems to debate the state of the art at the intersection of Learning and Analytics — including researchers, educators, instructional designers, data scientists, software developers, institutional leaders and governmental policy makers.


The theme for the 11th annual LAK conference, “The impact we make: The contributions of learning analytics to learning”. As academic fields concerned with the human condition develop and mature, their impact on advancing scientific understanding and practical application becomes an important marker of success. As an integrated and multi-disciplinary research topic, learning analytics is presented with questions regarding its contributions in two areas: 1. the respective fields from which it draws, 2. its own development as a research domain.


The LAK conference is intended for both researchers and practitioners. We invite both researchers and practitioners of learning analytics to come and join a proactive dialogue around the future of learning analytics and its practical adoption. We further extend our invite to educators, leaders, administrators, government and industry professionals interested in the field of learning analytics and related disciplines.


See LAK21 Call for Papers page for more details.


Important announcements about LAK21


1. Virtual presentations/attendance and updated CFP deadlines


Due to COVID-19, virtual presentations and attendance will be available for LAK21. This includes workshops, full and short research papers, practitioner papers, posters and demos.


The deadline for the CFP has also been extended to provide more time for individuals to consider virtual options while preparing their submissions. The Organizing Committee continues to monitor the pandemic situation and ensure that a COVID-19 safe plan will be in place for all attendees.


Updated CFP deadlines:

·         1 Nov 2020: Deadline for full and short research papers, practitioner reports, and workshop/tutorial proposal submissions

·         17 Nov 2020: Deadline for doctoral consortium submissions

·         1 Dec 2020: Deadline for posters and interactive demo submissions


2. New page length and submission templates announced


LAK21 research papers will now follow the new one column ACM format. Given the recent approval of LAK21’s ICPS approval to be published by the ACM Digital Library, we are required to follow the one column format for the review process. You can read about ACM’s reasoning and more information on this new workflow here.


Due to the new formatting, the Program & Organizing Committees have altered the length of the Full and Short papers to allow for comparable length to the old format:

·         Full research papers can be up to 16 pages inclusive of references in the ACM proceedings one column template.

·         Short research papers can be up to 10 pages inclusive of references in the ACM proceedings one column template.


Please review the LAK21 submission guidelines here for full details on this change and links to the appropriate templates for Word and LaTeX.


We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that this change has caused. Should you have further questions regarding paper length or format, please contact us at [log in to unmask].


As a reminder, the submission deadline for the research track (Full and Short papers) is 1 Nov 2020. You can review all LAK21 submission deadlines here.


-- On behalf of the LAK21 Organising Committee