To clarify my previous post, I simply want to have the  author of the submitted article point to a brief description of sna because the readers of the journal would not be familiar with it.  It does not have to enable the readers to do a sna, but simply have a clearer idea of what it is.   

My suggested addition to the article would be something like:
"Social network analysis uses a case by case (entity by entity) matrix.  The matrix is like a correlation matrix except that the rows and columns represent cases not variables.  The cells of the matrix are distances, similarities, or links between the cases. Since it uses this kind of matrix, social network analysis is like cluster analysis, Q factor analysis, and multidimensional scaling.  A brief introduction can be found ..."

There is an entry in Wikipedia that I could mention, but I am not up to date enough in sna to know if it is accurate, I would appreciate it if those more up to date with sna would say the wikipedia article is ok, or would give alternatives or supplementary cites.

Art Kendall
Social Research Consultants
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