Is your girl friend mad at you? I will try to get to the meeting health
permitting. But I had a small stroke on January 4, and it has affected my
vision. I have not driven to DIMACS for a while, and am not working
regularly. We shall have to see what happens. You might want to glance at

Golden years? What do they mean?

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On Thu, 11 Mar 2010, Shannon, William wrote:

> Aaarrggghhhh! (That is me just venting a bit)
> We will be activating the meeting web site in the next few days for abstract submission and registration. As announced before the meeting is June 17-19 in St Louis and we are always happy to include new invited sessions. Please call or email me and get active with the society!
> Aaarrggghhhh! (That is me just venting a bit more)
> Thank you
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