Fordham University

Bronx, New York, USA


June 26-27, 2008


Psychometrics: Applications, Training and the Need for Expertise


The Fordham Council on Applied Psychometrics (FCAP) Conference will focus on defining psychometrics and its applications, the lack of adequate training, and the need for expertise. There will be a mixture of paper and poster sessions aiming to expose the many facets of psychometrics and its applications. The conference will be preceded by a day of technical workshops on R, SAS and Winbugs.


Keynote speakers: Paul Holland (ETS, retired), David Rindskopf (CUNY)

Invited speakers: Charles Lewis (Fordham/ETS), Michael Edwards (Ohio State University)


Call for Proposals: Proposals for papers or posters covering a mixture of psychometric applications and methods are welcome. Proposals for papers must be received by March 15, 2008 and proposals for posters must be received by April 1, 2008. Topics include:



Bayesian Statistics

Categorical Data Analysis

Classical Test Theory

Cluster Analysis

Exploratory Data Analysis

Factor Analysis

“Fusion” Methods

General Linear Models

Hierarchical Linear Modeling

Item Response Theory

Latent Class Modeling

Longitudinal Data Analysis

Multidimensional Scaling

Multivariate Methods

Structural Equation Modeling



Clinical Assessments

Cognitive Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Educational Measurement

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Mathematical Psychology

Personality and Personnel Selection

Program Evaluation



Research on Psychometrics

Statistics Education

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