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Bill Shannon wrote

  There aree many approaches and hopefulyl you will hear from several people describing their favorite.
   I would suggest you look at recursive partitioning, also called tree models or CART. If you are familair with the R statistical software (freeware that can be downloaded from there is an addon llibrary called rpart that can be used.

Absolutely right, of course.
There is also a package called party, which has some nice features that rpart does not have.  I have found it very useful.

You can find more info at the author's website

under #6 in the statistical software se

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  Good luck
  Bill Shannon
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Arnaud Trollé <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I'd like to cluster categorical data (3 categories) by means of a partitioning
method; I'm quite a beginner in that field and I would need to be enlightened.
From a bibliographic review I carried out about that topic, it appeared to me
that a method is often used :the k-modes method. From her/his experience,
could anyone confirm or deny that it is the case ? If denied, which method
could be more "powerful" ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.
PhD Student in Acoustics.
Lyon, France.

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