The 2008 Annual Meeting of the Classification Society (CSNA) is being organized by Doug Steinley (Univ. of Missouri) and Bill Shannon (Washington Univ.) to be held at the Univ. of Missouri Campus in late May/early June.

We hope to make this conference the best ever so are emailing the list to ask for your support.  

As the Classification Society (CSNA) evolves to address the clustering and classification problems of today (many focused on massively large datasets) we are asking the list server members at this point to propose INVITED SESSIONS that might be included in the meeting schedule.

We hope that the members of this list will help Doug and I identify leaders in the field of clustering and classification (both applied and theoretical) to invite to give talks on their work and recruit to the Classification Society (CSNA).  Many of us believe we are at a transition period in the society and the best way to continue the amazing success CSNA has had over the last 20 years or so is to have a growing membership of 'new' researchers coming into the group.

Thank you for your support and contributions.  Please do not hesitate to contact Doug or I directly or to send suggestions through the list server.

Bill Shannon
Associate Professor of Biostatistics in Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine

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