I think the only way to do this with CA is to ignore gender 
(husband/wife), and analyse the table of respondent occupation by 
spouse occupation. The scores for respondent occupation would then be 
the status scale.


At 09:11 AM 29/06/2007, you wrote:
>Hello all I am looking at levels of social interaction in New Zealand society
>using census data sets using simple correspondence analysis. I am  conducting
>the  CA analysis on a  two-dimensional of husband/wife occupations (as is
>found in the Camsis scale). I was  thinking about  whether it was possible to
>generate a single set of scores representing the best-fitting 
>intercorrelation of
>these two sets of occupational categories rather than the current two
>sets of scores for each dimension. Are you able to point me in the right
>direction that may offer some examples or references?
>Cheers Stephen
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CLASS-L list.
Instructions: http://www.classification-society.org/csna/lists.html#class-l