Inaugural Lecture, Royal Holloway, University of London
(Egham, Surrey, west of London)

By Professor Fionn Murtagh, Head of Computer Science Department

Thinking Ultrametrically: Understanding Massive Data Sets &
Navigating Information Spaces

Thursday 22 February 2007 at 5.30 pm

In real life, hierarchical reasoning is as essential as reasoning in
metric terms (for the latter, think of parking a car).  We look at
how the hierarchical viewpoint is essential for understanding and
exploiting massive stores of digital data.  We exemplify how an
ultrametric embedding is needed to address problems as varied as the
structure of text, the physics of the early Universe, and social

Main Lecture Theatre, Founder's Building, Royal Holloway,
University of London, Egham, Surrey

All the best,
Fionn Murtagh
fmurtagh at acm dot org

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