We are organizing three projects to honor Leo Breiman this year.  First, Salford Systems' Data Mining Conference will open with a special session devoted to his scientific contributions.  Second, we would like to construct Leo's scientific "family tree," identifying Leo's students, collaborators, and others whose work has been influenced in an important way by Leo's research and professional activities.  Finally, we would like to create a small "memory book" of appreciative notes and thoughts, stories, or photos which we will collate to present to Leo's family.

Please send your contributions for the scientific genealogy or memory book to [log in to unmask]

Lesser known Gems in Breiman's Research:
The opening session, from 7-9PM on March 29th, will feature a discussion of Leo Breiman's extensive contributions to data mining, machine learning, and statistics.  The session will focus on some of Breiman's lesser known innovations that may be influential in the future.
Speakers will include:
- Richard Carson, University of California, San Diego
- Adele Cutler, Utah State University
- Jerome Friedman, Stanford University
- Richard Olshen, Stanford University
- Chuck Stone, University of California, Berkeley
- Rob Tibshirani, Stanford University

The Conference, which continues on March 30-31, will include many papers on CART(R), Bagging, RandomForests(tm), as well as MARS(R), TreeNet(tm), and other topics related to the more recent work of Jerome Friedman and Richard Olshen.  Applied areas include credit risk, fraud detection, targeted marketing, actuarial risk, bioinformatics, medical informatics, quality control, and other scientific applications.

For further information please email:
[log in to unmask] or call (619) 543-8880
Conference Website: http://www.salforddatamining.com