The Blackburn Press is dedicated to keeping in print and available for
purchase book titles which other publishers have lost interest in and have
declared "out of print". See for a flavor of our
publishing activities.

We are especially interested in titles in science and technology, and much
of what we publish finds upper-level textbook and reference use. If you are
an author whose book is out of print, or if you are aware of an undeservedly
out-of-print book which has value and should be returned to print, we'd like
to hear from you.

Our primary focus is out-of-print titles, but we are also interested in
reviewing proposals for new book projects and journals.

Please contact:

Frances Reed, Publisher
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The Blackburn Press
Publishers of classic scientific and technical books
P.O.Box 287, Caldwell, N.J., 07006 U.S.A.
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