Good to hear from you.  I don't have a history per se.  But you may be able to skim the table of contents of
Tryon, R. C. (1939) Cluster analysis. Ann Arbor: Edwards Brothers.
Mine is gone from my shelf but you may be able to find it.

If you don't have access to the following I could lend them to you.

Lorr, M. (1983) Cluster Analysis for Social Scientists San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Has citations to early people like Coombs in the 40's. Lorr's and other's work in the 50's

McQuitty, L. L. (1987) Pattern Analytic Clustering Lanham: University Press of America.   Cites people like Cohen, himself, Lorr, Meehl, and Stephenson from the1940s,  1950's.

Lorr, M. (1967) Conference on cluster analysis of multivariate data.
this was the conference that was said to kick off the idea of the Classification Society which got under way a year or so later.Has papers by Lorr, Sokal, McQuitty, Tryon, Ball, Tucker, Ward, Lingoes, Overall . People are from many disiplines.  The paper by Lorr pulls together a brief summary of the field with some historical slant.
Some of the cites are to big names in their fields  like Lazarfeld (1950) Loevinger (1953) Stephenson( 1936)

I need to go out to a meeting, but if it would be helpful, let me know and I'll look at the green Sage monographs on clustering and on typology.
Also I have 8-10 binders of pre 1975 or so  articles on clustering, I could look through.

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shannon wrote:

Hi everyone

I have been invited to write a technology review for the journal
Pharmacogenomics on cluster analysis methods for gene and protein
expression data. Can anyone send me a reference on the history of cluster

I would like to frame this paper within the context of the fact that these
tools have been out there a long time and were not recently invented by
the molecular biologists who are suddenly interested in using them.


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