Hi Bill,

I know these are obvious starting points, but just to be sure:

Sokal, R. R., and P. H. A. Sneath.  1963.  Principles of numerical taxonomy. W.H.
Freeman and Co., San Francisco.

Sneath, P. H. A.  1995.  Thirty years of numerical taxonomy. Syst Biol 44:281-298.

I'd love to see a draft of the paper.



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        >Subject:       History of Cluster Analysis
        >Hi everyone
        >I have been invited to write a technology review for the journal
        >Pharmacogenomics on cluster analysis methods for gene and protein
        >expression data. Can anyone send me a reference on the history of cluster
        >I would like to frame this paper within the context of the fact that these
        >tools have been out there a long time and were not recently invented by
        >the molecular biologists who are suddenly interested in using them.
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