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This is to inform you that the book Systematics in Prehistory by Robert Dunnell will shortly be available again, back in print from The Blackburn Press.


An essential book for anyone who wishes to understand the principles of classification and how they apply to archaeology, Systematics in Prehistory “almost single-handedly influenced how today’s scholars of evolutionary archaeology approach the archaeological record.” It has persisted as a classic in archaeology, as useful today to the professional and the graduate student as it was when it was first published in 1971.


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The Blackburn Press, located in Caldwell, N.J., is a relatively new publishing company, founded with the mission of keeping in print and available for purchase at reasonable prices book titles that larger publishers have lost interest in and have declared to be “out of print.” We specialize in scientific, medical and technical books and textbooks. We are interested in hearing about other out-of-print titles we might consider returning to print. Your suggestions are welcome.


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