Fisher's iris data is often used to test clustering algorithms

At 05:35 AM 3/01/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Subject: Artificial data set for comparing cluster analysis methods.
>I'm pursuing my thesis for a MSc in Biostatistics for the Medical School at
>University of Athens, Greece. My thesis concerns a detailed comparison
>between Cluster Analysis methods with artificial data.
>In order to compare Clustering methods, I need an artificial data set which
>is formed in true clusters.
>I would therefore greatly appreciate anyone sending me a data set like this
>or information where I could find this kind of data sets and if there is any
>simpler algorithm for generating artificial data.
>I would also find it very helpful if anyone inform me anything related to
>this area.
>Thanks in advance,
>George Feretzakis
>University of Athens, MSc in Biostatistics
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