I work with large databases, do you have details on the project you are
working on?

zubin dowlaty

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Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 10:07 PM
Subject: Large-Scale MDS

> Mark Rorvig (Univ. North Texas), Michael Trosset (College of William and
> Mary), and I have begun a project on large-scale applications of
> multidimensional scaling. We are interested in hearing from other
> researchers working with large amounts of data, who might benefit from the
> use of the system we propose to build.
> Mark will post a URL to an overview of our project soon. In the mean time,
> please direct inquiries and statements of interest to my attention
> ([log in to unmask]) and to Mark Rorvig ([log in to unmask]).
> Good holidays to you all.
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