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Volume 2, Number 2 (May 2000): Table of Contents

Regular Papers

  - A Mathematical Foundation for Improved Reduct Generation in
    Information Systems
    by Janusz Starzyk, Dale E. Nelson, and Kirk Sturtz
  - Fast Association Discovery in Derivative Transaction Collections
    by Li Shen, Hong Shen, Ling Cheng and Paul Pritchard
  - An Index Structure for Data Mining and Clustering
    by Xiong Wang, Jason T.L. Wang, King-Ip Lin, Dennis Shasha, Bruce
    A. Shapiro, and Kaizhong Zhang
  - Pattern Analysis and Analogy in Shogi: Predicting Shogi Moves from
    Prior Experience
    by Steven Walczak and Reijer Grimbergen
  - Comparison between Lamarckian and Darwinian Evolution on a Model
    using Neural Networks and GAs
    by Takahiro Sasaki and Mario Tokoro
  - Re-investigating Dempster's Idea on Evidence Combination
    by Weiru Liu and Jun Hong

Short Papers

  - Pest Control Expert System for Tomato (PCEST)
    by EL-Sayed El-Azhary, Hesham A. Hassan, and A. Rafea