Dear Rider,

With respect, It is to be inform you that,I am a researcher,I do research on Energy.I don't need to explain you the importance of Energy.I have find out a solution of Energy.I hope this will be a better solution for the Mankind Energy Crisis.

We know the Mankind is very much worry about the Crisis of Energy,Environment and the fate of the future World.And the total World is doing Mega-Work,engaging Mega-Specialist and Equipment,spending Mega-Finance for find out a good solution of the Energy.Under this dangerous circumstances,if you spend a little Effort fro me,that may could bring a good result for the Mankind and for the Civilization.

I need some information,if you know all or any one answer of the questions,which is given billow,please send it to me with details information,address and explanation for the sake of the Humanity,Environment and for the Civilization.

The Questions Are-

1.What could be the Social,Economical,Political,Technological and Environmental result, if we can produce enough Electricity free of cost?

2.Is there any technology to preserve excess Electricity?Charger is capable to preserve enough for long time?If we make Hydrogen and Oxygen from water by the excess Electricity,that will be Economical?How the Hydrogen and Oxygen produce industrially now?What is the use of-H,O now?What is the price of H,O per unit in the international market now?Can we use Hydrogen as an alternate of fossil fuel?

3.Where I can get help to do research on Energy?What should be the price of such a technology in the international market now?Who bought Such a Technology?If I sale a technology to some one,then other company also can copy it?If not, then why many company produce same thing at a time,such as TV,Phone,Car,Computer,Medicine etc?

Waiting for your reply eagerly.

Yours faithfully


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